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Ordering Info

We use our discretion as to when to ship cheese based on weather temperatures. This enables our products to arrive at their destination in a desirable state.

We generally ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid weekend days in transit. We do extend our days of shipment during the holiday season and cold months. For shipments that absolutely must arrive by a specific date, please order ahead of time to avoid the extra cost of overnight shipping.

We ship UPS Ground, 2 Day Air and 3 Day Select. All orders of ham that are shipped outside of the northeast are sent 2 Day Air only. Please note UPS does not ship to PO boxes.

Please include your telephone number so we can confirm shipments of your order based on conditions and availability.

We can take orders with a future ship date which would allow you to order anytime. We will contact you when temperatures permit us to resume shipping. Your account will not be billed until the actual day the product goes out.

Please check your addresses carefully! We can not extend our guarantee to orders for which we are given an incorrect delivery address. Please provide your street address for UPS deliveries. Please note UPS does not ship to PO boxes.

An additional charge will be incurred if the package needs to be resent.

Cheese is a perishable product. Please make sure someone will be home to receive and refrigerate your package upon its arrival. Typically if no one is home during the day, consider shipping your order to your place of business.

If your order is a gift, you may specify a gift message during the checkout process.

We reserve the right to change pricing.

We do not ship overseas. For information regarding shipments to Canada and APO addresses, please call us at 802‑375‑9033 to discuss your order in detail.

If you have any questions regarding our products or our shipping practices, please call us at 802‑375‑9033 or email us at the We are always pleased to correspond with you and customize your orders.

Thank you,
The Serraro family

Cheese Facts

  • Upon arrival, refrigerate immediately to firm the cheese.

  • Once opened, re-wrap your cheese tightly in plastic wrap and store in your refrigerator.

  • If surface mold develops, simply cut it off and re-wrap in fresh plastic wrap. The flavor and quality of the remainder of the cheese will be unaffected.

  • Cheddar can be frozen, but the texture will be compromised. Properly wrapped and stored in your refrigerator our natural cheddar will keep for many months so freezing is not necessary.

  • Storage or shipping at warm temperatures may cause natural cheddars to "whey off". This condition occurs when butterfat separates from the cheese and may affect the appearance and aroma. The cheese may still be consumed but it might be drier due to loss of moisture. The flavor will not be affected.

  • Cheddar is best if allowed to come to room temperature before serving in order to maximize flavor, texture and ease of slicing.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by phone:802-375-9033 by fax: 802-375-2235 or email:

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