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Visiting The Vermont Cheese House in Arlington, VT
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Vermont Cheese House in Arlington, Vermont
Owners Rick & Jody Serraro welcome you!
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Vermont Cheese House in Arlington, Vermont
The Cheese House in Arlington, Vermont has been a landmark building since 1965.
Vermont Cheese House in Arlington, Vermont
Vermont Cheese House in Arlington, Vermont
Vermont Cheese House in Arlington, Vermont
Vermont Cheese House in Arlington, Vermont

Vermont Cheese House in Arlington, Vermont Vermont Cheese House in Arlington, Vermont



"The Cheese House is a must stop for cheese lovers. You can purchase a variety of cheese here.
They also have a plentiful stock of other snacks and drinks. Priced right!"

—Pam K. Jan, 2008

"I love road trips. But, I love road trips with tasty local snacks even more. So, that's what makes me a fan of the Cheese House.

Plus, I think that Vermont is all about locally grown or produced food stuffs. So the Cheese House has tons (probably literally) of locally produced cheeses (some are made just for the Cheese House) chocolates, sausages, and other snacks. It's almost too much to choose from. But, they let you sample - I think they actually encourage it - so you know what you're getting into. Cheese, like many things is subjective and while I may like a stinky cheese, you may not.

Long story short - try the Trucker's Cheese (or it might be the Truck Driver's cheese). It's a 4-year aged cheddar that has a lot of bite to it. It's really tasty - and like a lot of other cheeses they sell, almost impossible to find outside of the state.

The staff is super friendly. The location has easy parking. And they sell everything you need to supply a 'Vermont-themed' gift basket of snacks."

—Paul H. Nashville, TN ( Yelp Review )

"This is a great store for buying cheese such as truck driver or rat trap. This is absolutely the best cheese I have eaten. The owners are very polite and allow you to sample the different kinds of cheese. A sheer delight and worth the trip from New York."
—by "Insurance Man" ( Yahoo Reviews 4/17/2008 )

"Truck Driver Cheese: My husband and I have been going to the "Mouse House" many yrs. ago many times a year for the "Truck Driver Cheese", the very best of you can find. We have moved from the Albany, NY area 20 yrs. ago and have not been able to find the cheese ever since. Fortunately today on the computer, I found the "Cheese House" and sure enough, it is the same place with the cheese that we love. So I ordered some and this is only the beginning. I'm thrilled and can't wait for it to arrive. Speaking to Jody, the owner, was a delight. If you have never tried that particular cheese and you love cheese, you will love that one. Thank you Jody and Rick for still carrying it. It was a delight talking to you."
—Jm V, Cape Cod ( Yahoo Reviews )

"The nicest people and absolutely the best cheeses for at least the 20 years I've been shopping with them. In-house or shipped to you, it's worth the drive or the postage. Old Rat Trap, and Truck Driver are specialties you just can't get anywhere else. I live & work in NY and have an endless assortment available to me. I go through at least 75 lbs of specialty cheese a year at home but I have to come here to get what has become my absolute favorite Cheddars. No I don't work for them; I just love Cheese. And finding this page and having a chance to give them a good reference is small payback for great food and great service. Reminds me: I need to place an order."
—JWR ( Yahoo Reviews 3/22/2008 )

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